About us

Konoba "Torkul" exists since year 2001. and follows the culture and heritage of Primošten and Dalmatia. With our dalmatian cuisine and ambience, even with our name we are trying to show our guests rich spirit of Primošten's past and so we became an important part of catering and touristic offer of Primošten and Dalmatia. The whole interier of our restaurant reflexes past times. In our ethnographic collection You can see old "torkul", the oldest musical instrument dating from year 1929, numerous ferals, tools and weaved carpets people were using long time ago in their houses. The Konoba has about 166 seats, of which 60 on the outside of the terrace with sea views, 70 on the outside of the terrace with the park view and in the inner part of 36 seats.

Konoba "Torkul" is situated in the center of Primošten near Don Ive Šarić Square, just in front of entrance to the peninsula. The small St. Rok's church on the squere has been built in year 1680. Our Konoba is partly situated on the place called "Crnica“, home for local farmers through generations. Somewhere from these past centuries a tradition of Primošten's Konobas has started. These were places where our grand-grand parents were, after hard work in the fields, spending that little free time with vine and saulted sardinas. By renovation of one of those old houses, we managed to proudly show all our guests authentic ambient of "once upon a time".

Accompanied with the sounds of Dalmatian music we offer rich choice of dalmatian kitchen: fish specialities, mussels, meat and wine from the Croatian origin. Considering food and drink, you can find large band of the prices. Here you can find the finnest shells and crabs. The offer is wide and it goes from always fresh meat specialities (steakes, beafsteaks) to sea food (quality fish, sea crabs te several kinds of shells). The most famous specialilty of our Konoba is food made under the "peka", especially octopus. We make the emphasis on a daily fresh food and in keeping the authentic flavour of each meal. The main characteristic of our cookery is insisting on authentic and natural.

Our Konoba is made out of stone and wood in old times' style. Terrace is covered with stone tiles and filled with tables made of pure wood. Year after year, we are winning rewards on competitions for best horticultural arrangement and for the last three years we are proud to be one among 30 best Konobas on Adriatic coast.